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Amundi, the market leader in France for employee savings and retirement, provides a consolidated open architecture solution for companies to rationalize the management of their pension plans. 

Would you like to monitor your retirement plans across your international subsidiaries? Propose employees premium services? Optimise your costs?

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Why Amundi?

Implement pension plans for your employees on a cross border basis.

Cost effective manner.

Consolidated and real time view on investment solutions.

Amundi Retirement Solutions (ARS), innovative answers to retirement management

ARS combines:  

  • An international platform based in Luxembourg, under the supervision of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (the Luxembourgish Regulatory authority)
  • Providing Client Servicing in the native language of each country
  • A cutting-edge, innovative, proprietary and natively web-designed IT platform able to manage the complexities of tax calculations (amongst other items)
  • A Luxembourg based pension fund under the supervision of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier able to service
  • Local Pension Schemes across European countries hosted in dedicated country compartments
  • Non-European pension schemes in a dedicated “World Compartment” 

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The Employee Savings world is a complex one that is evolving. Multinational corporations have plans across countries that are operating, but often lack a consolidated view, and therefore find it difficult to rationalize their set-ups.

Amundi strongly believes that providing a complete open architecture solution is key. ARS will create efficiencies to help you:

  • Improve plan governance
  • Significantly cut costs
  • Reduce pool of third party providers
  • Consolidate business reporting
  • Have access to long-term investment solutions
  • Strengthen relations with employees
  • Enhance their CSR policy
  • Limit your financial, HR, reputation risks

Key expertise

Amundi uses its long-standing expertise to support companies right from the design of their plan through to when employees take their benefits.

A digital client servicing

Our solution is fully digital and simplifies the operational and administrative management of plans. All information, reports, operations, can be managed and obtained via two highly secured web portals on a 24/7 basis.

  • Multi-parties - customised for companies and members
  • Multi-channel - can be accessed via the internet with a PC, smartphone, tablet, telephone, by SMS or email
  • Multilingual – services available in English and the local language.
  • Multi-functional – executes all operations from the enrolment of an employee to his retirement date or early pay out where possible:


A premium client support:

We propose dedicated point of contacts for Corporate and Members. The high level solution implemented provides many easy access functions. 

Besides usual operations

  • Administrating pension schemes
  • Providing Assistance to Company Correspondents and members
  • Reports (member, sponsor and partner)
  • Tax declarations and payments (where required)
  • Order processing (Contributions, Allocations, Payouts)


Via their dedicated webportal, company and members can access a wide range of user-friendly tools:  

  • Creating, accessing reports
  • Making projections
  • Determining investor profiles
  • Selecting investment solutions

Long-term savings solutions

Our expertise in developing innovative products for individuals and our dedicated asset management team, enable us to provide investment solutions adapted to employees’ needs and profiles.

We propose three investment solutions: Free, Life Cycle and Guarantee &Protection. 

After determining their investor profiles, members can choose from among the investment solutions selected by their employer. We provide them with access to information and an understanding of the investment options. Members can therefore visualize if their investments are in line with their investor profile.

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Companies can also choose ‘socially responsible’ investment vehicles. 

This is an opportunity:

  • for employers to create a  profitable  responsibility
  • for employees, to benefit from a responsible  profitability


SRI: Socially Responsible Investment.


01 | Setting up your retirement plan is not an intimidating ‘Big Bang’!

ARS is based on:

  • A flexible approach which takes into account the client's organisation
  • A transparent, win-win approach which fosters company-employee dialogue
  • A project management methodology set within a realistic timeframe

02 | We ensure an effective guidance throughout the entire process in 5 key steps

  • Collection of relevant information
  • Production of the feasibility stydy
  • Effective decision
  • Omplementation of the solution
  • From "Project" to "Run"

03 | Cost effective solution

ARS helps you manage costs by design. With a rationalised approach, we:

  • Mutualize all time consuming services
  • Consolidate contributions and  pool investment vehicles
  • Provide a digital offer
  • Eliminate hidden costs

Our solution is structurally cost efficient

Key take aways

Information given for illustrative purposes only, may be changed without prior notice.

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