Amundi is a major player in treasury management in Europe and across the world. Liquidity management has become very challenging for institutional and corporate clients. We provide well-adapted and clear solutions to investors seeking products combining liquidity and performance1 in an increasingly restrictive and low return environment.

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Investment philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a conservative approach. Our key priorities are aligned with what our clients most require from a liquidity solutions fund: security, liquidity and performance consistency2.

Risk management at the forefront

Based on a longstanding expertise of more than 30 years, we have built a strong culture of liquidity and risk management. Risks management is based on rigorous procedures, strict guidelines and sophisticated tools.

The investment and risk teams are highly experienced. Providing products that clients can trust has placed us in a position of strength in weathering the financial crises of the last years.

A responsible partner

Responsible Investment is one of Amundi’s four founding pillars. To this end, Amundi already filters out the companies obtaining the lowest ESG ratings from more than €1.5 trillion of assets under management. Additionally, Amundi manages more than €330 billion in responsible assets3, incorporating environmental, social and/or governance factors into investment decisions. Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): in 2019, Amundi was once again awarded the top rating A+4 for its Responsible Investment approach.

Key figures


in Money Market Management in Europe5

€ 215 Bn 

of AuM3

> 30 years

of Liquidity fund management experience

Stratifying excess cash

Segmenting the time horizon of the cash needs should enable investors to manage their risk and optimise their returns by choosing the most appropriate investment solution for each segment of cash.

Four areas of expertise answering specific investors' needs



01 I Money Market: investors looking for daily liquidity and security

An attractive and diversified alternative to traditional cash deposit. Investing in money market funds offer easy access to your investment, daily liquidity with same day settlement while diversifying risks. They invest in high quality instruments and provide strong diversification. As required by investors, money market funds are managed within strict and predefined guidelines to offer preservation of capital, liquidity, transparency and performance consistency3.



02 I Ultra Short Term Bonds: investors looking for liquidity, but higher returns than money market funds

Step Out of Cash: optimise your cash allocation under longer time horizon. Given the short rates6 negative context, investors may enlarge their investment universe by considering ultra short term bond funds which:

  • Invest mainly in bonds with maturities up to five years
  • Offer active management with a conservative frame-work
  • Monitor duration to exploit the interest rate premium



03 I Short Term Absolute Return (STAR) Bonds: investors looking for flexibility and low volatility

Unconstrained approach, well-adapted to uncertain markets: aim to achieve positive absolute returns over market cycle while keeping a low level of volatility.

  • Broad investment universe and large diversification
  • Opportunistic security selection and tactical arbitrage
  • Limited volatility (<=SRRI 3*)

* The synthetic risk and reward indicator (SRRI) is based on the volatility of the fund over a scale from 1 to 7, according to its increasing level of volatility.

04 I Securitised Assets: investors looking for diversification within the fixed income universe

Investors are also looking for a way to diversify their investments. This goal may be achieved by investing in European securitizations which have the potential to provide:

  • An access to a specific asset class, with a low level of correlation against the rest of the fixed income universe
  • Higher returns than other credit bonds with the same ratings6
  • Credit quality, via a rigorous analysis and a very selective picking approach of securities

(1) Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

(2) Amundi’s treasury management funds/sub-funds do not offer a guarantee of capital or performance.

(3) Source: Amundi figures as of June 30, 2020.

(4) Source: UN PRI, United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment 2019. Asset classes/expertise are defined from Lipper FMI’s Fund Sector and Fund Feature database.

(5) Source: Broadridge Funfile - End of June 2019 - Open-ended Funds domiciled in Europe and in related offshore territories.

(6) Past market behaviours are not reliable indicators for future behaviours.

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Investing involves risks. The performance of the strategies is not guaranteed. In addition, past performance is not in any way a guarantee or a reliable indicator of current or future performance. Investors may lose all or part of the capital originally invested.

Potential investors are encouraged to consult a professional adviser in order to determine whether such an investment is suitable for their profile and must not base their investment decisions solely on the information contained in this document. 

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